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Do You Know The Different Types Of Narcissistic People There Are?

A pretentious and grandiose person who loves to talk about him or herself and take selfies, is what most people think of when they hear the word narcissist. However. Not all narcissists want to be in the limelight. Some want to be admired, while others want to be pitied. Some are happy and full of confidence while others are moody and have low self-confidence. Some love life and themselves while others hate themselves and want to burn down the world.

The traits highly narcissistic people display can be used to place them in one of several main groups. These groups or types are idea models of people’s thoughts and behaviours.

Understanding what behaviours are not normal but toxic, can help you spot a possible toxic person before getting into a relationship with the person. And knowing what traits and behaviours a toxic person mostly favours, can help you better deal with a person you are in a relationship with, as well as help with your healing if you decide to leave them.

Inside 21 Types Of Narcissists:

  • A look at what a narcissist is.

  • Exploring the 2 main types and 19 sub-type narcissists.

  • Looking at the common traits between narcissists.

  • Delving into the three cognitive levels of each narcissistic type.

  • Looking at the difference between narcissism and narcissistic personality disorder.

  • Touching on helping people with narcissistic personality disorder.

  • Touching on the effects of narcissistic abuse.

If you want to know more about narcissism and the different types of narcissists, then this book is for you.

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