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A Motorcycle Adventure

Follow me as I make my way from Siem Reap in Cambodia to Saigon in Vietnam, and then all the way up to Hanoi and back to Cambodia. Share in the laughs, scares and adventures I encountered, and marvel at the landscape with included pictures and links to videos I took along the way.

A dream is a living thing. The more thought you give it, the stronger it gets, until it becomes an obsession. For a long time, I have dreamed of riding a motorcycle from the bottom of USA near Miami on route 56 and go all the way up as far as I can. However, funding kept that dream a bit at bay for now. Being in Cambodia, I decided I would do the next-best thing, motorcycle from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh) to Hanoi. For added effect, I decided to cross over to Laos near Hanoi, and then come down through Laos back into Cambodia. That was the plan, but plans do not always work out, as we want them to.

Contained in the text:

  • Over 110 pictures of Vietnam and items along the Ho Chi Minh Road
  • Links to videos i took on my travels
  • Historical facts of attractions i visit on my tour
  • Blow by blow account of over 2400 km on a scooter through Vietnam, including bus rides in Cambodia and riding the train back from Hanoi to Saigon.

If you want to discover Vietnam from a motorcycle then this book is for you.

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