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Laura and The God Code (Action-Adventure Fiction)
Book two in the Laura Valencia series.

For Laura Valencia and her newfound love, Victor Adalhard, the adventure continues in book two of this gritty tale of dauntless courage and underworld thievery. At the heart of an international conspiracy, lies an ancient scroll of untold power. The treasure, discovered deep within the jungles of South America, sets in motion clandestine operations by the world's most powerful nations. A bloodbath ensues, as spies and highly trained killers are unleashed to bring the ancient relic home.

The secret writing, now in Laura's hands, has the potential to unlock and harness energy like never before. Committed to protect the mystical artifact, the unwitting pair unite, utilizing Victor's past as an international assassin to guide them. The safety of the planet lies in peril, as nations compete, steering the world to the brink of all out war. Safety? There is none. Certain death appears at every turn, leading the lovers across a vast continent, to exotic locations, and beyond.

Columbia, a small, cartel-controlled country, reeks of civil war and corruption.  For years, powerbrokers have planned a worldwide power shift of colossal proportions, and now, with chaos at the door, they mobilize to fulfill their dream.  Heads of state and even the Pope are targeted, impelling all in a murderous game of “chicken”.  The climactic end result is uncertain, but a new world order is at hand: one of slavery and death.

Join the author for an exciting romp through jungles, ancient archaeological sites, and the unknown, as he balances Laura and a host of intriguing players on the edge of a knife. Writer Anton Swanepoel has penned another thrilling story, with enough mayhem and bloodshed for two novels.

Keep a close watch over your shoulder, as you explore and discover what's been prophetically hidden until now...The God Code.

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