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Thailand is a land of extremes. In Bangkok, gleaming temples and extravagant five-star hotels compete against exotic red-light districts and humble street stalls. A short bus ride away from Bangkok, the ocean awaits to cool you off from the heat. Thailand, formerly Siam, lies in Southeast Asia, bordering Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, the Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia. Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South East Asia, and is a must do for backpackers as it is seen as a must do when Backpacking SouthEast Asia.

From luxury malls and romantic rooftop restaurants with exquisite cuisine to backpacker scruffy stalls and everything in between, Thailand has it all to offer, including the worlds largest golden Buddha statue as well as the worlds largest Gautama Buddha statue at over 300 feet tall.

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Preparing for a vacation is exciting and can be a rush. Often, little things can make a big difference to having a successful trip. You can wing it and end up like me being stranded with no bus just after the Laos border and 800 km to your next stop, wake up covered in bed bugs, be ripped off with donation scams, or you can sidestep these experiences by following the advice from people that learned the hard way. Here are five important tips taken from my Thailand: 50 facts book to keep in mind for your Thailand adventure. Plus, get 5 International Travel Tips from my book: 100 International Travel Tips.

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Main Tourist Towns and Attractions in Thailand

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Bangkok a city of extremes. Gleaming temples and extravagant five-star hotels compete against exotic red-light districts and humble street stalls. Bangkok is the Capital city of Thailand, and one of the most visited cities in the world. The city is the world's top tourist destination, and does not dissapoint.

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Discover the Ancient city of Temples. See the island city of Ayutthaya that was once the capital of Siam, and the trading hub of the world. A short taxi ride from Bangkok, the ancient wonder is waiting to be explored.


Additional Attractions in Thailand

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The Great Buddha

Discover the biggest Gautama Buddha in the world at over 300 feet tall. A bus ride from Bangkok or a motorcycle ride from Ayutthaya, you cannot miss this wonder. Additionally included on the grounds is the famous park of Hell that impress and shock visitors as well as one of the oldest temples and most respected Buddha images in Thailand.


Additional Books For Thailand

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100 International Travel Tips

Advice for travel can be found all over the Internet, from friends and travel agencies, government websites, as well as airlines. The problem is not a shortage of information, but an overload of information. Wasting time sifting through numerous tips that in most cases have no relevance to you, often leaves you frustrated while at the same time possibly causing you to forget the actual advice you do need. This book has 129 tips and advice to help prevent lost or stolen luggage, keep you safe and save you money.


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