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Let your spirit free on the open road .
Ho Chi Minh Road, Vietnam, from Vietnam Caves book Setting your motorbike suspension, Motorcycles book
Hoi Ann river crossing, from Vietnam Caves book Kulen Mountain Motorbiking, motorbiking Cambodia & Vietnam book


An irrepressible sense of freedom, a winding, open road, lush green jungles, and you.  Sound incredible?  Oh, we’ve ignored the most important element in this scenario – a thumping, pulse-pounding engine, cradled between your legs, rocketing you to destinations, unknown, and adventures aplenty.  where this technique is used, it is basically Venice, on steroids.

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Motorbiking Cambodia & Vietnam   Motorcycles, a guide book for long distance and adventure riding

Learn the lay of the land, what to see and what to avoid. With the help of Mr. Swanepoel, choose a motorbike that’s right for you – no detail has been spared. Find your way, and prepare, by viewing dozens of pictures, which act as landmarks to further simplify the trek.

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Learn from world traveler Anton Swanepoel as he gives you tips and information he has learned over more than 25 years of motorbiking around South Africa and a number of exotic places; such as Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Cayman Islands, and more.

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