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Thinking of hitting the road on two wheels but new to the adventure? Then this book is for you.

Traveling by motorcycle is far different than any other means of transport. In a car, you are always a passenger, seeing a movie of the road going by. On a bike you become one with it, the road and your surroundings are no longer a movie, it’s a part of you. For you feel every corner, every bump and your body flexes in harmony with the bike's suspension. You smell the flowers, earth and rain, feel the wind and hear birds as you go, you are alive.

This book aims to help the new and novice rider to prepare for longer than down to the corner cave rides. Learn from world traveler Anton Swanepoel as he gives you tips and information he has learned over more than 25 years of motorbiking around South Africa and a number of exotic places; such as Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Cayman Islands, and more.

Some of what you will learn:

Riding gear selection
How your bike's suspension works and how to set it
How a helmet protects your head and how to choose the correct one
Packing right
Maintenance on the road
Riding a bike with a broken clutch or throttle cable
Fixing a broken clutch or throttle cable on the road
Starting a bike with a broken starter

Take on your long distance adventure with confidence by being prepared.

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