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(An Informative Guide to Some of Cambodia’s Hidden Treasures)

Imagine yourself stepping back in time 500, 600…1000 years. Magnificent stone temples dot the landscape, beckoning curious travelers through their gates. Lush tropical jungles and green-covered mountains stretch beyond your gaze in every direction, welcoming you to a world unlike anything you’ve ever seen or even imagined. This is Cambodia, unspoiled and largely untouched by vast industrialization.

This guide is the ‘Big Book’ of Cambodian Temple Exploration. Writer Anton Swanepoel currently lives in Cambodia, mere miles from some of the most ancient and mysterious structures of the world. His extensive knowledge and travel experience is packed into this resourceful guide, intended for the novice, but helpful from any level of traveling experience. He’s captured the essence of a Southeast Asian holiday in the pages of this unique eBook.

On a typical tour you’ll see a fraction of the wonders that await you in Cambodia. Utilizing Anton’s library of photos, descriptions, and directions, visit some of the out-of-the-way treasures among the 200 featured: sacred waterfalls, mystical fountains, and Buddhist Pagodas. Ensure plenty of time for the Temple at Angkor Wat, which sits atop an astounding floating island. It’s breathtaking; however, don’t miss the hidden, almost forgotten gems that lie untouched, deep in the heart of the jungle.

Information – clear, concise and accurate – is worth its weight in gold when planning a trip around the world. This guide covers every aspect and more.

Take a look at just a fraction of what’s included:

  • A concise description of each temple, including history and pertinent facts.
  • Information on how to arrange and manage your time.
  • Temple hours of operation and fees (best time to visit).
  • 850 Reference Photographs.
  • GPS coordinates and easy to follow directions to each site.

  • Come to Cambodia, a nation and people the author has grown to love, and experience time travel like never before.

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    Free Tips For Visiting Cambodia
    10 Travel Tips

    Get 5 Facts You Should Know When Visiting Cambodia + 5 International Travel Tips:
    Preparing for a vacation is exciting and can be a rush. Often, little things can make a big difference to having a successful trip. You can wing it and end up like me being stranded with no bus just after the Laos border and 800 km to your next stop, wake up covered in bed bugs, be ripped off with donation scams, or you can sidestep these experiences by following the advice from people that learned the hard way. Here are five important tips taken from my Cambodia 50 facts book to keep in mind for your Cambodia adventure. Plus, get 5 International Travel Tips from my book: 100 International Travel Tips.

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