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Thinking of diving but scared of not being able to equalize your ears?

This book has over 10 ways to equalize your ears.

Got ear pain from diving?

There are a few different causes of ear pain, and the treatment for each may differ. Understanding why your ears hurt is the first step in finding the off switch to the pain and preventing it from coming on again.

This book is mostly targeted at divers and people doing other water sports activities such as water skiing, swimming, surfing and snorkeling. However, ear infections and ear barotrauma can occur due to other reasons. Regardless of how the ear damage or ear infection occurred, the treatment is still relieving the internal swelling to allow the internal pressure to lessen that will in turn lessen the pain and allow healing to occur.

The book is not a replacement to medical help if damage or pain is severe, however, the tips in the book may help to prevent ear infections and ear damage, especially when diving or doing other water sports activities, in addition to temporarily relieving the pain until you can see a doctor if severe damage has occurred. For mild infections or mild ear barotrauma, the advice may cure your pain without the need to see a doctor.

Some of the topics covered are:

Swimmer’s ear
Ear pain due to barotrauma
Surfer’s ear
Ear pain form jogging and waterskiing
Cold in the ear
Airplane ear
Ear infection
Referred pain from a tooth abscess
Over 10 ways to equalize your ears

If you are interested in scuba diving then this book is for you.

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Customer Reviews

I am a scuba diver with "slow ears," which means I have trouble equalizing the pressure in my ears as I descend. This book provides a multitude of methods for managing this conundrum for those who don't want to "give up" scuba diving because of the difficulty in equalizing and resulting ear pain. The author also explains the types of ear pain and damage, the threats that create ear pain, and how to manage and/or prevent ear pain under various circumstances. The author is careful to recommend never exceeding one's capacity, however, and helps makes the reader knowledgeable of the obvious threat of long term damage to the anatomy and physiology of the ear. I recommend this book to all divers who have had ear pain or trouble equalizing and I highly recommend this book to any potential divers who are hesitant to try diving because of former ear pain: the author includes so many methods to try in equalizing that one or more of them are bound to work.
Cynthia Pierce Liefeld

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