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Want a gas blender program in your pocket?

This book wil help you blend on the move with a blender application on your smart phone.

A step by step guide to creating your own gas blender program in Excel spreadsheet. This book will show you how to write a blender program in excel step by step with the values needed for every cell and function. No need to be a programmer, just type in the values from each step. The program will run on most devices that support spreadsheets, from computers, laptops, smart phones, palms, and I-phones. Calculations for Nitrox, Tri-mix, Helair, Heliox and EAD and END. Additional calculations for actual rebreather loop at depth and END included. The idea is to have a fully functional gas blending application right by the blending station or in the field on the go. There is added functionality to calculate gas cost for a blend and creating an invoice or quote for a customer. From a single blend to multiple blends. This book is a companion to 'The Art of Gas Blending' by Anton Swanepoel. Available from Amazon.

After purchase of this book (Gas Blender Program), you may e-mail the author at the address provided in the book with your invoice to receive a completed ready made blender spreadsheet, saving you the time to enter the values, but with the book as reference on how the functions work and the ability to customize the application to your desire.  

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Customer Reviews

Hi Anton, I was looking for same new publications in order to refresh my people’s knowledge. We now use your Gas blending book and Gas Blender Program book for training.

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From the basic formulas for EANx blending, to Tri-Mix and Helair blending. This is an excellent must have book for any gas blender, Technical diver or person interested in technical diving. Whether you intend to blend gas or not. Even people that are already gas blenders will find great value from the tips and advice in this book. Alternatively, a new way of explaining things might just be what is needed to help you understand how gas blending works.

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This book looks at the research done and current understandings of deep stops, both for and against. The book’s aim is not to advocate or discredit the use of deep stops, but rather to be neutral and provide the reader with the most up to date knowledge, research and methods used by various groups, from military to recreational and technical diving, and how each has changed their diving due to their research.

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