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Change Your Life with Gratitude Journaling

Majestic Machu Picchu is filled with wonder and mystery. Capture the energy of this amazing place with your writing.

Saying thank you for the things you have is a powerful way to raise your vibration. It is also a powerful way to manifest into your life the things you want by saying thank you as if you have already received them. Let the images help you relax and the words flow.

Take your gratitude to a new level by journaling them in this picture book. Each page of this journal has a different image of Machu Picchu or the mountains as background. The perfect journal to start your live a new.

Each page has space for 20 gratitude lines as well as 6 affirmations. You can write your own affirmations, or use the three powerful affirmations given.

Whether it’s for yourself or a gift for a loved one, this journal will change lives.

Machu Picchu Picture Gratitude Journal Features:

  • 100 pages, each with a image as background
  • 3 Power affirmations included that will change your live
  • 20 College-ruled journal (medium ruled) gratitude lines per page
  • 6 College-ruled journal (medium ruled) gratitude lines per page
  • 6x9” dimensions. The perfect size for all purposes. Fits perfectly into your travel bag
  • The perfect journal to change your life

If you want to practice gratitude on a new level to manifest your desires, this book is for you.

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