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Over 100 pictures of the 4 most visted caves at Phnong Nha.

Cool mountain air flows over you and push the intense Vietnam heat away. You give one last look over your shoulder, and then slowly enter the cave opening. Your heart races as the cave comes into view. With a gasp you take the magnificent stalagmites and stalactites in. The sheer size and beauty of the cave system takes your breath away. Lights all over illuminate formations that are part of a system that holds several world records for caves. From the longest to the deepest cave.

In awe, you sit down at a rest area in a system that can be traced back to the Paleozoic era, around 400 million years ago. A smile forms on your face as you think of the other caves still to be visited, some a climb up a mountain, and some accessed only by boat.

Discover the splendor of these caves before you go with this concise and straightforward guide that will add untold dimension and depth to your Vietnam experience.

Covered in this book:

  • A short description of each cave that is informative and to the point.
  • Entry fees and the operating times where applicable.
  • GPS Coordinates to caves.
  • Paradise cave - Dong Thien Duong.
  • Dark Cave - Hang Toi.
  • Phong Nha Cave.
  • Dong Tien Son Cave.
  • The Cave God's Temple.

  • If you cherish caves and love to travel, this guide is a must.

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    Free Tips For Visiting Vietnam
    Tips For Visting Vietnam

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    Free Tips For Visting Vietnam

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