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Have You Been Hurt By Someone With A Narcissistic Personality?

Regardless if you are still with a narcissistic person or not, when you find out how manipulative and calculated their actions were, you will feel betrayed. It is normal to ask. “How do I get the narcissist back?

You want the pain and suffering to stop. You want to feel better and have closure. But the need for revenge burns inside you. Your mind is spinning. How could they do this?

But can you successfully get revenge on a narcissist? What will the narcissist do when you do take revenge? What will the short and long-term effects be on you, whether you take revenge or not?

Inside How To Take Revenge On A Narcissist:

  • A look at what drives your need for revenge.
  • A look at the biological, physiological and social influences that affect your need for revenge
  • Looking at some of the studies done on revenge, and the short and long-term effects it has on you.
  • Delving into some studies done on the brains and brain activity of narcissistic people.
  • Why Empaths and Codependents are so easy targets.
  • Over 45 ways to take revenge on the narcissist. From mild humiliation and joke ideas to brutal revenge.
  • Suggestions to letting go, finding closure, and healthy alternatives to getting revenge.

If you are struggling to find closure and move on from narcissistic abuse, then this book is for you.

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