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Do you want to increase Your book sales?

Do You want to learn how to format your book Description to increase sales?

You have worked hard to write your book. It is your baby, and you want to share it to the word. But your book seems lost in an ocean of books. You tweak the book cover, choose the correct title, get the correct sub heading, and even get traffic to your page, but few sales. You spend lots of money for someone to come up with a stunning book synopsis, but when you enter it in your book description field, it shows as a dull boring blob of text.

Silently you wish you knew how to:
  • Create a list to show all the different recipes you have in your book

  • Know how to make words stand out
You wish someone would show you

  1. How to create a numbered list

  2. How to make words italic

  3. You wish you knew the 6 different headers you could use

You could make a mixed list closer together

1: Start the list with a number

• Add a bullet point

• And another one

• • Add a sub heading

• • • And another sub heading

2: Then go back to a number

• Add a bullet point

• Throw in a &, and a ©, and what about a ® and √

• And then there are these guys: ∝, ∞, ∠, ∴, ∑, π, ¢b

Maybe you do not like bullets

* You could go for stars

≈ And stripes

* In your list

** Yes you could have some fun

If you only knew how to, you could do it.


You heard you could change the color and font of your print book text, and even do sub scripting as well as super scripting.

If you knew how, you could say:
This book will teach you in 1/2 the time others do. Or, this book focuses on the 10th century.

You heard you can split the page

But have no idea how to.

If you knew how to strikeout, you could say:

Special Promotion: For a limited time only.
Get this amazing $6.99 book for $3.99, 99c, Free.

Alas, you are stuck with a giant boring blob of text.

Well no more!

This book takes you by the hand and shows you in step-by-step instructions how to easily do your own HTML coding for Amazon and Createspace book descriptions.

No coding experience needed. Within minutes you can also have stunning book descriptions that stand out and grab attention. The additional pictures will enhance your learning.

This book even shows you how to test your work before you upload your changes, without needing to go online.

If you want to enhance your book descriptions to maximize sales, then this book is for you.

Get your copy of this book Today.

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