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Cambodia: Discover The Hidden Temples Of Angkor

65 Magnificent temples lie in the dense Cambodian jungle around Angkor Wat Temple. All unique and worthy of exploring, if you can find them. One has 54 towers with 216 faces while being almost as big as Angkor Wat Temple. Another, is an island temple that can only be reached by a walkway that span over a lake.

Feel your heart race as you explore a temple that is half overgrown with vines and trees, and featured in famous movies like Tomb Raider. Or a temple that has the most complete bas reliefs of ancient Khmer daily life, while another has massive elephant sculpting with their trunks almost reaching the ground. Have your breath taken away as you explore temples that give stunning sunrise and sunset views over the surrounding countryside, or another that has a unique round columned, two-story building. Your visit will not be complete without seeing these temples.

Deciding which of the 65 temples to see on a short visit can be a challenge without a good guide book. Not to mention locating the temples most guides to not cover.

This book is the result of 18 months exploring these mystical and inspiring structures. The temples in this book were selected to give you the best temples to see in 1 to 3 days. The guided itinerary gives you a unique blend of temples. From massive structures, intricate bas-reliefs, jungle covered ruins, historical significance, to temples with amazing sunrises and sunsets.

Experience the perfect Angkor Wat sunrise and sunset with the included complete Angkor Wat sunrise and sunset guide.

Take amazing temple pictures with the included 23 tips, no matter if you have a cell phone or an expensive DSLR.

In This Book You Will Discover:

  • 22 Amazing temples and 35 images.
  • Pertinent information and description for each temple, including what makes the temple unique.
  • Angkor Wat Temple guided picture walk-through.
  • GPS coordinates for each temple so you can easily use google maps to locate and explore the temples without a guide, which will save you money.
  • Practical tips for each temple, such as reason to visit and best time to visit, to enhance your experience.
  • Complete Angkor Wat Sunrise and Sunset Guide.

A sense of reverence and awe embraces the many travelers who explore the temples of Angkor Wat each year. Join them in this unique experience.

Bonus Included:
  • Map of the park so you can locate temples not covered in this book, without a guide.
  • Layout map of Angkor Wat Temple with the main bas-reliefs to see.
  • 11 Other temples to experience amazing sunrises and sunsets.
  • 23 Tips to help you take better pictures at the temples with a cell phone, or camera. Includes tips for getting amazing sunrise and sunset pictures.
  • Advice and options for disabled people, including wheelchair travel. As well as advice for vegans and vegetarians.

For the price of a good cup of coffee, get advice and tips for temples to see and hidden places to experience sunrises and sunsets that can take your visit to the next level.

If you want to discover amazing temples and have an incredible time visiting Angkor Wat, then This Book Is For You.

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