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Mysterious Koh Ker Temple Site

Koh Ker temple site is a place of wonder. Situated at just over 120 km from Siem Reap, it is still unclear as to why this site was chosen as Capital for the Angkor Empire by King Jayavarman IV. Dating back to 928, the 36-metre high pyramid temple is a wonder to see.

Dotted around Koh Ker temple, are numerous other temples that should be included in a visit to Koh Ker Temple itself. This book is a picture guide to 21 temples at the site, to help you plan your visit and time, as well as learn more about this mysterious place.

The layout of the guide is straightforward and will help any traveler seeking greater depth to their vacation experience.

Contained in the book:

  • 53 images of Koh Ker Temple Site
  • 21 temples in total covered
  • GPS coordinates and directions to all temples

If you are thinking of visiting Cambodia and want to expand your adventure past Angkor Wat then this book is for you.

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