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Angkor Wat Temples

Angkor Wat Temples

Angkor Wat Temples


Over 250 pictures of over 30 temples in the Angkor Archaeological Park, with GPS coordinates and directions to them.

(An Informative Guide to Some of Cambodia’s Timeless Treasures)

Cambodia, a hidden pearl ready to be discovered, lies in Southeast Asia, bordering Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam.  To the south, hundreds of miles of coastline greet the never-ending surge and swells of the South China Sea, providing a paradise of surf, sand, and sun for the country’s two million visitors.  The Kingdom of Cambodia (its official name) is steeped in centuries of religious history, military campaigns, and mystical legend.  The country, now 90% Buddhist, is the home to hundreds of architectural wonders, some dating back over 1000 years.  The influence of India can be seen in many of these structures, as temples dot the landscape, giving rise to a feeling of awe and devotion.

These magnificent temples are at the heart of this travel guide by globetrotter, Anton Swanepoel. He lives in Cambodia, and racked up hundreds of miles, both on and off the beaten paths, in search of adventure.  His many hours of on-the-ground experience will benefit the reader in innumerable ways: saving time, money, and stress.  The guide features over 30 must-see temples at Angkor Wat, some nestled in dense, jungle locations that would otherwise be difficult to find, while another, the largest religious monument in the world, sits atop a floating island. How cool is that?

The success of any holiday begins at home: researching, agonizing, and ultimately planning.  Cambodia may be your trip of a lifetime – it has been for thousands, as backpackers dot the landscape, enjoying the people and the culture.  The information contained within these pages is intended for all travelers: novice, experienced, and, of course, do-it-yourselfers.  Join Anton on any given day, as he gives you exact locations, including GPS coordinates, easy to follow directions, and even 250 reference photographs.

Some of what you’ll learn – the short list:

  • A concise description of each temple, including history and pertinent facts.
  • How to arrange and manage your time.
  • Temple hours of operation and fees (best time to visit).
  • Much, much more.


Looking to be swept away by a tide of emotion, or overcome by the natural beauty of a land, lost to time?  Follow the millions who have discovered Cambodia, and in particular Angkor Wat.  Let this practical guide be your first step on the path to a successful adventure.



If you cherish history, love culture, and crave the mysterious, this guide is for you.