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Angkor Wat & Cambodia

Angkor Wat & Cambodia

Angkor Wat & Cambodia


Tips and advice to save you money and make your trip to Angkor Wat & Cambodia go smoother. Note, this book is not a guide to the different temples, but a guide to help you prepare for your visit to the temples and Cambodia, or possibly move to Cambodia.

Do you know about the common scams, where to get your visa or renew it, what vaccinations are needed, and what accommodations there are? Want to know inside tips that could save you many times this book's price?

This book is full of tips and advice to save you money and make your trip to Angkor Wat & Cambodia go smoother.

  • Where and how to get your visas, including renewal for staying longer in Cambodia.

  • Safety in town, around Angkor Wat and Cambodia, with common scams and other tourist targeted crimes.

  • Accommodation, with pictures, from $1 to $15 and more a night, know what you will get, and how to get more for your dollar.

  • Immunization needed for Cambodia and common health problems.

  • Phone numbers and details for ambulances, hospitals, dentists, polices, and clinics in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Battambang, and Shinaoukville. Details and phone numbers of embassies in Cambodia. These details are invaluable when things go wrong.

  • How to get unlimited internet data connection for $2.5 a month. This tip alone is worth more than the book.

  • Advice for if you want to stay longer or move to Cambodia.

  • Shopping with pictures and locations of markets and malls to shop in Siem Reap.

  • Tips to save you money when seeing Angkor Wat, or buying at the market.

  • How to get a Cambodian Driving license. Renting and buying motorbikes and bicycles.

  • Etiquette. What to wear, and where to have your laundry done cheaply, where to get drinking water for $1 for 20L, and more.