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Angkor Wat: 20 Must See Temples

Angkor Wat: 20 Must See Temples

The 20 top temples at Angkor Wat


Discover the 20 top temples you must see when visiting Angkor Wat. Included are GPS coordinates and a short description of each temple as well as a reference picture for each temple. Additionally included is a map to help you find the temples easier.

The Temples of Angkor Wat, Cambodia’s Top 20

The jungle floor gives way to your every step, as you plunge deeper into the overgrowth.  A path, worn rough by thousands before you, guides you to a place of untold mystique and beauty.  Light breaks through a dense thatch of leaves ahead, marking your final destination -- Angkor Wat.  The world’s largest religious monument stands before you, a temple of unfathomable mystery and history.  A sense of reverence and awe embraces the many travelers who come to Cambodia each year.  This magnificent temple is the nation's symbol, embellishing their flag, and rallying their age-old devotions to family and culture.

The Temple at Angkor Wat, sitting atop a floating island, is one of 20 breathtaking temples featured in this easy-to-follow reference guide, written by Anton Swanepoel.  As a Cambodia travel expert, he currently resides just minutes from these inspiring structures.  Anton has documented and visited over 500 worthwhile sites, but selected these 20 as the absolute 'must-see' of them all.  Thumbing through the book you'll discover beautiful pictures, helpful descriptions, and useful travel tips, but more than that.  There is a feeling that permeates these ancient ruins that one must experience, and reading this guide is a step to knowing that peace and calm.

The layout of the guide is straightforward and will help any traveler seeking greater depth to their vacation experience.

Contained in the text you'll learn the following:

  • Short description and history of each temple
  • How to make the best use of your time
  • Entry fees and best times to visit
  • Temple highlights - what sets them apart

Of the many beautiful, soul-moving locations Anton has visited around the world, he has chosen these temples as some of his favorites.  If you travel to be swept away by awe-inspiring beauty or to bask in the cultures of lands, lost to time, Angkor Wat is an absolute must.  Download a copy of this valuable resource today.

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