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Ayutthaya's 20 top temples and attractions


The 20 best temples and attraction from this ancient temple city of Thailand. Included are GPS coordinates and a short description of each temple as well as a reference picture for each temple.

Discover the Ancient city of Temples.

Magnificent towers reach to the sky around you as you step back into history. Slowly you walk past temples that was once part of the largest city in the world in the 1700s. An Ancient city filled with mysticism and over 400 temples and 3 golden laden palaces. Water canals, bridges and floating pavilions grace the area.

See the island city of Ayutthaya that was once the capital of Siam, and the trading hub of the world. With more than 90 attractions listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, you may be lost at what to see. Let world traveler and author, Anton Swanepoel guide you to the best attraction in this ancient city of wonders.

With this guide you will easily find your way to the best places and temples to see, and maximize your time in Thailand.

Covered in this book:

  • A short description of the ancient city Ayutthaya.
  • Entry fees and the operating times for attractions where applicable.
  • GPS Coordinates to attractions.
  • How to arrange your time to visit the best attractions.
  • 20 Must see attractions plus 6 bonus attraction to see.

If you love to travel and plan on visiting Ayutthaya, this guide is a must.

Download Your copy today.