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Beginning with a dream of a monument that can stand a 1000 years, the Voortrekker Monument realizes that dream with ease where it stands majestically on Monument hill in a nature reserve overlooking Pretoria. Housed within its robust yet captivating walls, are four levels of splendor to marvel at. From historical art pieces and antique Afrikaner daily objects, to The Flame are on display. The Flame is a bronze lamp in a marble niche in the Cenotaph Hall that burns day and night, and was lit by an original torch brought to the Monument in 1938 on a countrywide torch bearing procession to the monument.

The Voortrekker Monument stands guard over Pretoria, the Jacaranda city, and serves as a reminder for the Great Trek (1835 to 1854) of around 20 000 Voortrekkers that served as a catalyst to the events that shaped much of South Africa.

This book features 29 pictures of various aspects of the Voortrekker Monument, including The Heritage Centre, Wall of remembrance, Fort Schanskop, Genl. Piet Joubert Bust, and more, giving you a unique perspective of the place that will add value to your visit.

Contained in the text you'll learn the following:

  • Short history of the Great Trek and Voortrekker Monument as well as other attractions on the grounds.
  • Descriptions and information on major objects found at the site
  • Entrance fees, best time to visit, and more
  • 29 pictures of the Voortrekker Monument, museum, nearby fort and other statues as well as symbolic objects on and around the monument

  • The Voortrekker Monument represents a large part of the beginning of the United South Africa. Learn more about the events that served as catalyst for the birth of a nation while marveling at the stunning pictures in the comfort of your home.

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