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Do you want to know how to optimize your Amazon ads to increase your books sales?

Would you like to know how to see a graph of your ad’s clicks, cost and cost per click over time? Would you like to know the myth about creating ads that costs you money? Would you like to be able to analyse your ad’s performance and make changes to get the best sales from it?

Amazon ads have become an integral part of selling books on Amazon. Although there are a lot of books and web article that tell you how to create ads, few show you how to analyse an ad’s performance. The few that do give you some hints show you how to use time consuming excel spreadsheets, not clicks easy readymade online reports.

Without proper reports it is impossible to properly analyse an ad’s performance. This book will show you how to use reports by BookSalesReport. Discover how to know if an ad is making money within hours of creating it. Use reports to see all the ad's cost and sales linked to a book. Plan ahead by increasing or decreasing your budget as well as bid amount by using historical reports. This will help you save money and make the most of times when searches for your ad’s keywords are high.

Some of what you will learn:

  • How to track an ad’s cost, clicks, and average cost per click over time
  • Use reports to compare book sales data against ad cost and clicks
  • Use reports to see how an ad affects free downloads and KENR reads
  • Know how and when to adjust your bid amount for keywords
  • See current costs and clicks for ads in the current month. No need to wonder until the end of the month when you get your bill as to what ad is costing you money
  • Discover within hours if an ad is profitable or not
  • Analyse why your cost per click has changed
  • Analyse why your ad clicks or impressions has changed

Without analyzing your ad performance and linking it to your book’s sales, you are potentially throwing money in the water.

If you want to optimize your ads to increase your book sales, this book is for you.

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