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The modes or qualities of the Astrological signs are three in number, namely Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. The modes are the other factor, beside the four elements, that makes each sign a unique twelve-fold division of energy. The Cardinal signs are out-going, while Fixed signs are in-taking and Mutable signs are changeable in their behavior.


The cardinal signs, in order of their Appearance in the zodiac, are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. The rulers of these signs are Mars, The Moon, Venus and Saturn, respectively.
Aries is the most pure fire sign-it Initiates spring and sets the tone for the first quadrant. Cancer is the most quintessential of the water signs-its empathic, emotional nature characterizes summer and the second quadrant. Libra's are the most basic of the air signs, its Venusians social nature sets the tone for fall and the third quadrant. The fourth cardinal sign, Capricorn, characterizes the nature of earth most fully and initiates winter, the fourth quadrant

Cardinal-sign people are go-getters. They like to start things up, whether a business, family or organization. Cardinal-sing peopled is like being diverted from the matter at hand. They generally wish to direct their energy into one endeavor as fully as possible. Pioneers, cardinal-sing people tend to be the first to think of a project and to be leaders in their particular
sphere (e.g., Aries-sports, adventure ;Cancer-home; Libra-society; Capricorn-work). Cardinal sign people are at their worst when beset by indecision