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Astrology is an ancient science and wisdom that can help you to understand yourself and your place in the cosmos. Understanding yourself and your part in the cosmos can help you live a richer and more rewarding life. In addition, understanding your life partner better, if may enable you to see their point of view and they yours, and may help smoother relationship friction to lift it to new heights.

Many people are familiar with their Zodiac sign, and may have cast a glance at their sign at times. However, trying to place all the people on the planet in 12 groups is far too simplistic and basic. Your Zodiac sign is where the sun was located in the heavens at your time of birth. The placement of the sun at your birth is seen to have an influence over your personality. However, the sun does not hop from one Zodiac sign to the next instantly, and at times you may be close to the following sign. This results in an overlap between Zodiac signs and is called a cusp. This gives you qualities of both Zodiac signs. However, things do not stop there, as the placement of the other planets in our system also have an influence on your personality. Drawing the placement of the major planets in the sky as they were at your time and location of birth is called a Natal Chart. This chart can tell you a great deal about yourself and can help you see strengths in your character and possible obstacles in your personality.

To read more about what Zodiac sign or cusp you fall in, select your major Zodiac sign above.