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Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces


Element Quality Planet Symbol Mode Motto Stones Colors Body Areas
Fire Cardinal Mars The Ram Intuition I AM Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Amethyst Red Head, Face, Upper Jaw, cerebrum, cerebral-spinal system
Pisces-Aries cusp Aries 1 Aries 2 Aries 3 Aries-Taurus cusp
March 19 - 24 March 25 - April 2 April 3 - 10 April 11 - 18 April 19 - 24


Planet: Roman god of war.

Key Words:

Headstrong, opinionated, action, initiator, leader, loyal to a cause, egotistical, passionate

Origin of Aries

Hermes send a winged golden ram to fly his sister Helle and Phrixus from their evil stepmother to the city of Colchis. Helle fell off into a river on the way. This place became known as Hellespont and Phrixus sacrificed the ram in the grove of Ares where he hanged the Golden Fleece.

Aries at a glance

Being the first of the 12 Zodiac signs, it is the most elemental. Aries represent the beginning of all things. With an Aries life will never be boring. Primal in nature, opinionated, representing ego and will. Aries are fiery, prodigious and dynamic. When they find a cause they feel is important they will see it to the end. It spends more time on existing for its own sake than to understand itself. Being very positive, Aries strives for purity and perfection. But, their dreams of today can be replaced by another tomorrow. Guessing what they want is not always easy. They can however spend so much energy encouraging themselves and friends that they risk running out of energy before they even begin. Do not accuse an Aries of something it is not, especially if it hurts their Ego. Aries tends to be spontaneous, frank and open, could be self centered and willful. They know their own value and do not as much seek approval, but rather attention. Self doubt can destroy and Aries. Being an action person, they need to explore their own limits to grow and learn. They are not much for contemplating on life. They love quick action and do not like sitting around ruminating on a situation. Mars being their ruling planet is the planet of change and unpredictability. Often display a strong desire to lead, but without leadership skills could find themselves frustrated and could lead to self pity. Some leadership studies are advised. They can be truly original and idealistic pioneers, but can also fall into the trap of novelty-seeking and unfeeling egotists.

Aries Energy: Yin

The light side: Strong, virtuous and benevolent.

The dark side: Power mad, totally irresponsible and a reckless leader.

Aries Attractions: Gemini, Leo, Libra, Scorpio

Pisces-Aries Cusp

Zodiac Position Central Concept Seasons Elements Qualities Ruling Planets Symbol Modes
+-27 Pisces - 4 Aries Rebirth Late winter/Early spring Water / Fire Mutable / Cardinal Neptune / Mars Fish/Ram Feeling/Intuition

Normally direct in their approach to all matters of life. Rarely see anything wrong with their actions and can be stubborn to change. Are normally outspoken that can make them be admired or misunderstood. They are elemental and usually get their way through insistence. They can easily change from being a dreamer to a doer. They resent being analyzed and their lives can be in great conflict and flux. Patience is something they need to learn.

Attractions: To all other cusps but more so to Libra-Scorpio (October 19 -25) and Taurus-Gemini (May 19 -24)


Aries 1

Zodiac Position Central Concept Seasons Elements Qualities Ruling Planets Symbol Modes
+-3 - 13 Aries The Child Early spring Fire Cardinal Mars Ram Intuition

They often display childlike characteristics and tend to be open, frank and energetic. Appreciate and exhibits spontaneity and liveliness. May be criticized for being naive and superficial. Being sensitive, they do not like criticism or confrontation. They would rather walk away when they feel they are not understood, or may withdraw into their shell and brood. They have a deep need for expression. They do like social pleasant activities, but can find it difficult to get along with others on a day to day basis. They know how to charm and make a good impression, but their stubbornness can close more doors than their charm opens.

Do not let your feelings bottle up and ask for help.


Aries 2

Zodiac Position Central Concept Seasons Elements Qualities Ruling Planets Symbol Modes
+-12 - 21 Aries The Star Early spring Fire Cardinal Mars Ram Intuition

Aries people in this range are the central Aries, or true Aries. They tend to be success-oriented. They do tend to attract a following with people adoring them as they build their success. They are the stars. They may become cold as they strive for success. Contacting them on an emotional level can be a challenge. They are not known for empathy or sympathy towards others, yet they themselves need a good friend that can understand them and guide them. They do not trust easily, but when they do they will relay heavily on that person.

Be careful not to overwhelm people with your energy and try not to be too needy. Feel a little more and connect a little more.


Aries 3

Zodiac Position Central Concept Seasons Elements Qualities Ruling Planets Symbol Modes
+-20 - 29 Aries The Pioneer Early spring Fire Cardinal Mars Ram Intuition

Aries 3 people tend to get more involved with society and are not as self-centered as other Aries personalities. Their own egos take a back seat. They normally love rules and structure and study the laws that govern the people around them. This can lead to them taking up a position defending and upholding these rules and laws. Or if they feel it oppresses people, going against it. They are pioneers in making. Being born leaders, they have no problem pushing beyond the current limits to find new frontiers. They however do not overlook their followers or forget their responsibility towards them. Although having good intentions, and wanting the best for others. They run the risk of loosing sight of what others around them really want.

Listen to what people really want and are saying. Make sure that others really want your help and need it before jumping in. Try not to get to enthusiastic and fix the problem when others ask your advice, they may have wanted to do it themselves and could resent you for doing it.

Aries-Taurus Cusp

Zodiac Position Central Concept Seasons Elements Qualities Ruling Planets Symbol Modes
+-27 Aries - 4 Taurus Power Mid spring Fire / Earth Cardinal / Fixed Mars / Venus Ram/Bull Intuition/Sensation

The fire energy of the Aries combined with the stubborn and energies of the Taurus can only spell one thing. Power. They have very strong and even dominant personalities and can impact those around them with great force, including their environment. Capable of exerting great control over those around them. They can be great leaders if they choose so, but even if not choosing to be a leader. They can reach great heights in any field they choose. With the energy of the Aries driving them and the persistence and stubbornness of the Taurus they can follow and see big projects through that requires a great deal of energy over a long time. They do not submit to others authority easily, and especially not by force. A subtle persuasive tactic is needed to direct their energies. Trying to force them or get them to change direction to fast can result in the opposite results as wished. They can at times show a lack of emotions and may have great difficulty with the impulsive intuitive and practical earthy energies inside them. They may be having great dreams one moment, only to shoot themselves down the next by not seeing the plans happening in a practical way. However, if they can bring these energies together in harmony and see the practical application of their wild and bid ideas, they can reach uncharted heights. They are highly strategic in thought and action and can overcome seemingly overwhelming odds and are guided by an unerring instinct. They tend to be masters of thought and preparation and are normally not in a hurry to see immediate results.

Learn to bring your passionate energies in balance with your practical energies. Learn to wait a little. Even though you are yearning to do things for others, let them do it for themselves unless asked. And let others do things their way even if they make mistakes. Mistakes are how we learn. Bring some feelings to those around you.

Aries-Taurus Attractions: To other cusps, but more so to Taurus-Gemini (May 19 - 24) and Scorpio-Sagittarius (November 19 - 24)

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Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces