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The modes or qualities of the Astrological signs are three in number, namely Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. The modes are the other factor, beside the four elements, that makes each sign a unique twelve-fold division of energy. The Cardinal signs are out-going, while Fixed signs are in-taking and Mutable signs are changeable in their behavior.


The mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. The rulers of these signs are Mercury (Gemini and Virgo), Jupiter and Neptune, respectively. Gemini is the most mutable air sign-it is highly Versatile and exemplifies the capriciousness of spring. Virgo is the least stable of the earth signs-its mutability heralds autumnal changes and the coming harvest. Sagittarius is the most malleable of the fire signs-its philosophical but also jovial nature lends the optimism
Necessary to get through the upcoming winter. The fourth mutable sign, Pisces speaks of spiritual change and of rebirth in the coming spring.

Mutable-sign people love variety and change. They are easily bored and demand lots of excitement. Travel is particularly attractive to them. Mutable-sing people are rarely happier than when in motion; consequently they seek a change of scene more often than most. People born under mutable signs may not be the most stable emotionally. On the other hand they are very flexible and thus able to adapt quickly to new circumstances. Mutable-sign people understand that the only constant quality in life is change. They are at their worst when tied down.