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Element Quality Planet Symbol Mode Motto Stones Colors Body areas
Earth Cardinal Saturn The goat Sensation I Master Diamond, Falcon's eye, White sapphire All shades of brown, orange Teeth, skeletal, knees
Sagittarius-Capricorn Cusp Capricorn 1 Capricorn 2 Capricorn 3 Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp
December 19 - 25 December 26 - January 2 January 3 - 9 January 10 - 16 January 17 - 22


Planet: The planet of Structure

Key Words:

Reserved, cautious, prudent, ambitious, constructive, and disciplined

Origin of Capricorn:

Capricorn is none other than the God Pan in disguise. He was immortalized as a goat for his escape when he was attacked by a giant. Turning himself into a goat he was able to flee from the giant.

Capricorn at a glance:

Capricorn is the 10th sign of the zodiac, but could be called the first universal sign. It is the 3rd and last earth sign and symbolizes a serious outlook on maturity. Very cautious, but yet extremely ambitious and serious. Economy is very important to them and they hate to waste energy, but rather approach things carefully and responsibly. They are ambitious; with a drive to succeed and have ability to not only reach the top, but to stay there. They have a wicked sense of humor. Free will and assertiveness are important to them. They have a need for security and structural support but can sometimes be stuck in their thoughts and ideas. Being serious and responsible, they may limit themselves rather than expand. They love to plan and can get on your nerves when handing you precise plans on what they are going to do. Capricorn tends to be conservative, but this does not always keep them from seeking new heights that they reach in a patient and persistent manner. Loving to be in control they are dependable and create a positive influence to those around them. They do not really normally care how long it takes to achieve their ends, as they believe in working and reworking their materials slowly and carefully as the goat chews its meal. They rarely give up and just as rarely ask for help, being self-sufficient. However they are not one to turn down a favor if given. They admit trials, difficulty and suffering as part of life and readily accept it on their way to reaching their goals, but do not easily and actually hate admitting being wrong. This can make them suspicious when things seem too easy or going to well, always looking for the catch or fine print. They can lack flexibility when change is needed. They have knowledge of power and how it works and must guard against dictatorial behaviors. They do like to be the boss. They normally tell people how to do things and can have an impressive knowledge base to back up their statements. They however do not easily admit that they are wrong and it might take some convincing of that fact.

Capricorn Energy: Yang

The Good: Wants to make a difference in the world, break the boundaries of discovery to improve humanity.

The Bad: Ruthless in getting to the top, bad temper, love for money, power-hungry.

Capricorn Attractions: Taurus, Scorpio, Leo

Sagittarius-Capricorn cusp

Zodiac Position Central Concept Seasons Elements Qualities Ruling Planets Symbol Modes
+-26 Sagittarius - 4 Capricorn Prophecy Late Fall / Early Winter Fire / Earth Mutable / Cardinal Jupiter / Saturn The Archer / The Goat Intuition / Sensation

Often demonstrating a talent for sensing the future state of things and in shaping them, Very determined and often great initiators of projects, able to get things moving efficiently in a remarkably short space of time. Patience however is not something they are known for, especially to those who fail to appreciate or endorse their plans. Prepared to move ahead alone with full force if not cooperation is found. Their fiery, impulsive Sagittarians personality can clash with the slower and calculating earthiness of Capricorn. They are often deep, weighty individuals who recognize the power of silence. But need to be careful not to alienate their loved ones.

Be a bit less intensive. Understanding yourself better will allow you to be less at the mercy of your moods, and can improve social relationships. Do not close yourself off to much but allow your warm and loving side to full come out, keep your heart open.

Attractions: Other cusps but more so to Taurus-Gemini (May 19-24) and Leo-Virgo (August 19 - 25)

Capricorn 1

Zodiac Position Central Concept Seasons Elements Qualities Ruling Planets Symbol Modes
+-3 - 13 Capricorn The Ruler Early Winter Earth Cardinal Saturn The Goat Sensation

For them, there is little question about who is the boss, they are. Tending to speak with much assurance even when they are wrong they are authoritative personalities Ruler ship is more important to them than leadership and laying down the law and asserting their power. Rarely will they back down from a cherished position. Once they have made a decision especially if the answer is the word "no," it can be the devil to get them to change their mind. Even if not leading they have to take care that loyalty to an idea or to responsible behavior does not turn into inflexibility or even a rigid refusal to change for any reason. Priding themselves in knowing a great deal about their special areas of interest and tend to limit themselves to a very few areas of endeavor. The thorough understanding they acquire in their chosen field gives them a solid basis for their opinions. Masking unfounded statements can find you leaving them with a strong dislike or even antipathy toward you. They hate and often oppose injustice fearlessly, often standing up for their own and others rights. These attitudes can mark them as rebels if not adopting a conservative stance. They tend to have a respect for tradition and are more oriented toward making improvements in a given situation than tearing it down. Often supporting a reasonable approach that seems to work, and will not easily reject a time-tested solution. Being intellectually curiosity they can keeps abreast of developments in their society, staying in touch with advancements in their field. Sentiment is not something they have a high regard or love for and blind patriotism or closed circles are often seen as havens for weakness and ignorance.

Give others a time to lead a bit more often. You may be wise, but remember that wise men learn more from fools than fools from wise men. Admit your mistakes and learn from them and let go of outdated ways and ideas. Be open to new ideas.


Capricorn 2

Zodiac Position Central Concept Seasons Elements Qualities Ruling Planets Symbol Modes
+-11 - 20 Capricorn Determination Early Winter Earth Cardinal Saturn The Goat Sensation

Possessing an ability to get their way most of the time and being determined individuals and knowing how to make the very best out of a situation and how to stretch their abilities to the limit are talents that can take them very far in life. Even if they have only modest talents can make them count for far more than those blessed with natural gifts. Fully understanding that "genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration. " They tend to build strong practical systems that work. Capricorn 2 needs to guard against becoming so pragmatic that they are less concerned with the motives behind an action than with the outcome. As this can cause problems for some Capricorn 2's in the ethical sphere. Being too matter-of-fact about measuring the success of a given endeavor by its results, they may start using slight underhanded or unscrupulous methods, particularly when dealing with money and power. They run the risk of being rejected or punished when found out and in extreme cases, undermine moral sensibilities and can lead to psychological or sociopathic problems. Although they can put their energies in the service of a higher cause, they tend to feel more comfortable when assuming a visible and challenging role than a selfless devotion behind the scenes. Having no reassurance of what they call "moral" is objective they may get so carried away with such idealistic endeavors that they can wind up using questionable methods, in this case justified by an elevated or "holy" cause.

Accept your limitations. Know that failure at the right time can be success and growth, allow yourself to fail and give up on a lost cause. Do not feel threatened by showing your vulnerable side. Make sure your ideals are grounded and not an illusion


Capricorn 3

Zodiac Position Central Concept Seasons Elements Qualities Ruling Planets Symbol Modes
+-19 - 27 Capricorn Dominance Early Winter Earth Cardinal Saturn The Goat Sensation

Capricorn 3's tend to be very strong dominant people. No matter where they are they tend to rule and direct, finding it difficult to play second fiddle to anyone. As children they will often support and complement figures placed higher in the family hierarchy, but could later find themselves locked in power struggles in which they must gain the upper hand over time. They tend to have a tremendously stabilizing effect on people around them due to their steadfastness. Very content to remain in an unassailable position of power and stay there, they often exhibit a strong desire to lead Preferring the security of such a position to the uncertainty, visibility and hence vulnerability of the one who is at the top. They can fall in a trap to both in personal and business severely restricts their expressiveness due to a refusal to take chances. Fear of vulnerability and openness may be a big problem for them and can lock them into a fatalistic and isolated stance. They can be overachievers who see themselves heroically battling against great odds. Needing to take care not to compromise their high ideals or lose touch with life.

Take some risk and chances at times. Those that do not dare to fail may not achieve their true heart's desire. Security is good but insisting on security may be misplaced as all security is in fact only and illusion. Be a bit more flexible and open to other peoples feelings. Assuming that your values have absolute or universal application can be dead wrong and can not only limit you but alienate you from people.


Capricorn - Aquarius Cusp

Zodiac Position Central Concept Seasons Elements Qualities Ruling Planets Symbol Modes
+-26 Capricorn - 3 Aquarius Mystery and imagination Mid Winter Earth / Air Cardinal / Fixed Saturn / Uranus The Goat / The water bearer Sensation / Thought

Leading a dull life is not the thing for this imaginative cusp. Often able to bring entertainment and excitement wherever they go. Their source of energy can often be found in an inner world in which Mystery and Imagination are in supremacy. Even those appearing quiet or unassuming have a vivid, active fantasy and dream life and are likely experiencing quite a lot of excitement in private. The earthy stability of Capricorn can be split in an instant under lightning-quick and erratic mentality of Aquarius. Thus conflicts may arise between conservative and radical influences which stand little chance of being fully reconciled. They can sometimes lack empathic feelings and be at the mercy of their impulses. Particularly prone to unusual experiences and the enjoyment of vivid visual images. Having an active dream life, can make the waking life seem dull. Using their fantasy world as the basis for creativity, can translate their private images into symbols or ideas which have meaning for their friends and the world at large.

Find an outlet for your creative energy and communicate what you experience.
Do not be discouraged by lack of understanding, ignorance or negative criticism.

Attractions: Other cusps but more so to Cancer-Leo (July 19 - 25, and Scorpio-Sagittarius (November 19 - 24) cusps.

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