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Element Quality Planet Symbol Mode Motto Stones Colors Body areas
Water Mutable Jupiter / Neptune The fish Feeling I Believe White opal, Jade, Pearl, Amethyst Mauve, purple, aquamarine Feet, toes, lymphatic system
Aquarius-Pisces Cusp Pisces 1 Pisces 2 Pisces 3 Pisces-Aries cusp
February 16 -22 February 23 - March 2 March 3 - 10 March 11 - 18 March 19 - 24

Planet: Planet of self-expansion and planet of confusion

Key Words:

Emotional, moody, imaginative, sensitive, impressionable, changeable, all now, psychic, companionate, kind

Origin of Pisces:

Venus and Cupid turned themselves into fish to escape Typhon the giant and were then placed in the heavens as a constellation

Pisces at a glance:

Pisces is the 12th and last zodiac sign. It can be viewed as the most highly evolved of all the signs. It is the ultimate water sign. Pisces wants it all now, do it all and go everywhere at the same time. It symbolizes the merging of the human soul with the cosmos. A deep believe in the highest powers of the universe. They represent the highest lessons of fellowship and the capacity to see deeply into life and the nature of things. They teach us not to be afraid to let go of our earthly for, and that death is just another beginning. They are very good at reading people and are rarely wrong about their judgment about a person. They tend to have a dreamy, spiritual and deeply emotional personality. They are not normally very practical, but rather masters in abstract ideas. They may be labeled as dreamers, but can offer much to humanity. They tend to share material things easily and enjoy friendship and close partnership. They need to be near water or should at least have a fishbowl in their room or small water feature. However, they do need their time alone and may run the risk of becoming loners and isolate themselves from the world. They may appear very strong, but are actually very sensitive. They tend to be very sensitive and can find social life difficult. They do not easily express their feelings in being hurt and would rather hold it in; this is not good for them. They are vulnerable to depression and can beset themselves with self-pity. Addiction escapisms are a danger for them. Normally have excellent memories and tend to be true believers and are devotional. Normally very generous and highly empathic and sensitive to others difficulties. They tend to respond with compassion when misfortune is seen. They must however guard against being taken advantage of.

Pisces Energy: Yang

The light side: Loves art, drawing, planting, painting and generally creating beauty.

The dark side: Dramatist, lives on the edge, normally an addict of drugs, alcohol, adrenalin or sex or all together.

Pisces Attractions: Aquarius, Cancer, Scorpio

Aquarius-Pisces Cusp

Zodiac Position Central Concept Seasons Elements Qualities Ruling Planets Symbol Modes
+-26 Aquarius - 4 Pisces Sensitivity Late Winter Air / Water Fixed / Mutable Uranus / Neptune The water bearer / The Fish Thought / Feeling

This cusp often spends more energy on the personal and the universal than the worldly sphere. Often seen as an explorer who has courage enough to dig deep within him/herself but also yearns to soar
off into the beyond. They need to see that the extremes of internal and external, subjective and objective, personal and universal as simply two sides of the same coin. Ego and its social expression are very difficult for them and they need to focus more of their energy on managing the business of life.
The dynamic, universal nature of Aquarius is either tempered or challenged by the highly subjective,
personal nature of Pisces. Do not loose yourself to unrealistic dreams or submerging yourself in
the depths of your own concerns. They often hunger for experience But due to their sensitivity it can be very difficult for them to remain objective and balanced in their daily life.

Don't give up so easily on the world or retreat behind fences. Face obstructions and discover your sensitive self. Learning to trust may mean ceasing to fear. Try to take the middle road at times.

Attractions: To all other cusps but more so to Cancer-Gemini (June 19-24) and Leo-Virgo (August-19 - 25) cusps


Pisces 1

Zodiac Position Central Concept Seasons Elements Qualities Ruling Planets Symbol Modes
+-3 - 12 Pisces Spirit Late Winter Water Mutable Neptune The Fishm Feeling

Zodiac Position: +- . Central Concept: . Seasons: Late winter. Element: Water. Quality: Mutable. Ruler: Neptune. Symbol: The Fish. Mode: Feeling

Most Pisces 1 people believe in the supremacy of spirit over matter, and often devote themselves to idealistic causes. Some may even disregard the material world, particularly when it comes to their work. Many Pisces have a yearning and zest for the non-material side of life-the life of ideas, music, art and movement. Their belief systems may be religious in nature, or they may be pantheists who see God everywhere even if they do not submit to the authority of a church, temple or mosque. Their
sense of devotion can be directed toward their work, family or hobby.  Rarely does one find an unbridled egotist Pisces 1's. Those who devote themselves to their own career or self-development also do so serving a higher cause. But Pisces 1's can also be aloof, and at times preoccupied with their own self-importance or the importance of their projects, which sometimes means neglecting family and friends. An air of infallibility often accompanies them, others may find themselves frustrated or even infuriated with the better-than-thou or know-it-all attitude of the Pisces 1. They may have a surprisingly realistic view of life Pisces 1's may not regard spirituality as some far-off dream state, but a more enlightened or conscious way of dealing with the here and now.

Be a bit more aggressive at times. Do not let your own needs go unnoticed and be attentive to the
needs of others. Beware of alienation through placing yourself on a higher plane. Seeking a higher state of consciousness need not mean avoiding shouldering the work of life.


Pisces 2

Zodiac Position Central Concept Seasons Elements Qualities Ruling Planets Symbol Modes
+-11 - 21 Pisces The loner Late Winter Water Mutable Neptune The Fishm Feeling

Pisces 2's often spend long periods of time alone. Even while they fulfill their daily family and work responsibilities they can be in their own world. Generally not over social, Pisces 2's have a circle of loyal and loving friends who provide them with all the social interaction they need. Many choose to work as self-employed, working from home or a private office. They do need their own space when working in a team. Pisces 2 friends know the joys of interacting with such sensitive and often quietly passionate individual. Pisces 2's do not have it easy in the world. Often singled out or even persecuted for their sensitivity and idiosyncrasies. This can make them begin to retreat from society in their teens or early adulthood. Pisces 2's may lean towards privacy simply because they find the state of being alone more rewarding and productive. Endless noise and static of everyday life can distract and upset them. Generally open, accepting, sensitive individuals, their receptivity is high, they can be prone to accidents and disease. They are normally very advanced in years turning inward and pursuing
purely internal goals in relative isolation. Thinking creatively and imaginably, contemplating rewards or punishments in the afterlife and apprehending a heightened sense of beauty in the
nature of things are all typical of Pisces 2’s

Be a bit more realistic in your outlook. Stop running and trying to escape, but do leave a window
open on the world. Strive for trust and acceptance, but do remember to stand up for yourself as well. Improving your social position may make things easier for you. Your suffering may not be necessary.

Pisces 3

Zodiac Position Central Concept Seasons Elements Qualities Ruling Planets Symbol Modes
+-19 - 28 Pisces Dancers and Dreamers Late Winter Water Mutable Neptune The Fishm Feeling

Often endowed with unusual psychic and intuitive gifts, but may squander such talents if they
have no way to ground them in the here and now. Balancing conflicting points of view, energies and daily activities are keys to their effectiveness. The struggles which all of us undergo stand out in bold for them. They are coming to terms with the relative and the absolute, objective and subjective,
pragmatic and ideal. Many Pisces 3's know that everything is relative, but still feel the intense need to believe in a certain universal principles. Although they know that there are unassailable truths that one
must operate by in everyday life, they also recognize that much of what we encounter is colored by our subjective views and responses. They can swing back and forth between points of view. They do not normally invest much time or energy in developing practical skills. They rather wish to fly before learning to walk. Many Pisces 3’s do exhibit abilities from an early age that go against generally
accepted notions of space, time and causality. Many at some point forsake worldly ambitions
to follow callings what they perceive as a greater challenges and higher idea.

Be more demanding of yourself in your personal development, and contribute actively to the life around you' Beware of neglecting to build a firm foundation. There is a limit to what you are capable of overcoming-make life easier for yourself, and be willing to compromise when necessary.

Pisces-Aries Cusp

Zodiac Position Central Concept Seasons Elements Qualities Ruling Planets Symbol Modes
+-27 Pisces - 4 Aries Rebirth Late Winter / Early spring Water / Fire Mutable / Cardinal Neptune / Mars The Fish / The Ram Feeling / Intuition

Normally direct in their approach to all matters of life. Rarely see anything wrong with their actions and can be stubborn to change. Are normally outspoken that can make them be admired or misunderstood. They are elemental and usually get their way through insistence. They can easily change from being a dreamer to a doer. They resent being analyzed and their lives can be in great conflict and flux. Patience is something they need to learn.

Attractions: To all other cusps but more so to Libra-Scorpio (October 19 -25) and Taurus-Gemini (May 19 -24)

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