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Element Quality Planet Symbol Mode Motto Stones Colors Body areas
Fire Mutable Jupiter The Archer Intuition I Philosophize Turquoise, Amethyst, Citrine Denim Blue, beige, bronze hips, thighs, liver, veins, muscular system
Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp Sagittarius 1 Sagittarius 2 Sagittarius 3 Sagittarius-Capricorn cusp
November 19 - 24 November 25 - December 2 December 3 - 10 December 11 - 18 December 19 - 25


Planet: Planet of self-expression

Key Words:

Freedom-loving, philosophical, optimistic, expansive, and honest

Origin of Sagittarius:

Sagittarius means 'the archer' in Latin. A friend of Hercules and tutor of many heroes was the centaur Chiron. Being famous for his knowledge of music, medicine and archery was immortalized into a constellation.

Sagittarius at a glance:

Sagittarius is the 9th sign of the zodiac, and the 3rd and last fire sign. They are seen as philosophers, expansiveness, optimistic and refuse to get bogged down in details. Always wanting to see the bigger picture. Always looking for the next target or project. Wanting to see the best side of everything. If they are without a goal to drive them, they can become unreliable. Normally honest and strong ethics and principles. Although having a positive outlook on life, they can get caught up in disputes due to their idealistic opinions. They have electric energies, but self-motivation and self-confidence can be a problem for them to keep them going or start a project. They need to trust themselves more. They can easily be influenced by others, either building their confidence or breaking it down. They are hungry for knowledge and constantly seek to know more about the world. They love to party and have fun and are normally very good company to be in. They tend to love nature and animals and may go so far as to reject society's values for a higher truth. They have to be careful not to be overly condemning other who does not share their ideas and beliefs, for they can be honest in telling you what they think. They tend to love travel, but when they find a place they truly like they are very content to stay. They are generally very optimistic and that can cause them to rush into things and many a hart has been broken. They are rarely bored and spend a lot of time in their heads, exploring new ideas and projects to start, loving a challenge. They love to seek new ways to express themselves.

Sagittarius Energy: Yin

The light side: Ambitious, animal-loving, kind, gentle and out to save to world.

The dark side: Changeable, a gambler, no regard for others only in it for themselves, pushes the boundary on anything.

Sagittarius Attractions: Gemini, Aries, Taurus, Virgo

Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp.

Zodiac Position Central Concept Seasons Elements Qualities Ruling Planets Symbol Modes
+-26 Scorpio - 3 Sagittarius Revolution Late Fall Water / Fire Fixed / Mutable Pluto - Mars / Jupiter The Scorpio / Archer Feeling / Intuition

This cusp does not like authority and can often rebel against it. Yet, when they themselves are in positions of authority, they are often able to wield power skillfully. They are however best as entrepreneurs and self-employed environments. They do need a degree of freedom to function effectively. They can be prone to wildness and do not like being just like other people. They may not even bother to prepare themselves for a more conventional life. Those forced by difficult experiences to take stock of themselves when young, may gain a rare sense of direction and purpose. Follow your dreams and vision of life without losing touch with others. Be honest and pure in your motives.

Try to forgive others and yourself more and be a bit less possessive.

Attractions: To all other cusps but more so to Pisces-Aries (March 19-24) and Cancer-Leo (July 19-25)

Sagittarius 1

Zodiac Position Central Concept Seasons Elements Qualities Ruling Planets Symbol Modes
+-2- 11 Sagittarius Independence Late Fall Fire Mutable Jupiter The Archer Intuition

Zodiac Position: +- 2- 11 Sagittarius. Central Concept: Independence. Season: Late Fall. Element: Fire. Quality: Mutable. Ruler: Jupiter. Symbol: The Archer. Mode: Intuition

Sagittarius 1 people can be some of the most self-reliant people around. They often demand freedom in feeling and thinking according to their own code of behavior. They gain great satisfaction from helping people who needs protection or nurturing, especially children, disadvantaged adults and animals. They have a high capacity for generosity and tend to follow their instincts. They can however at times be impulsive or even rash. Sagittarius 1's can find excitement in arias that others find mundane or commonplace. They are not really fond of school or formal education and tend to be self-taught and free spirits. They could feel cramped and confined in classroom, especially under rigid rules. They tend to believe in life itself as the great teacher and may develop the credo that living well is the highest creative activity of all. Leisure time can take a great deal of their energy and can be exciting and rewarding to them. Outings or outdoors sports with family or friends may prove to be the main focus of their life. Sagittarius 1's can be at times highly critical and can see irony and mockery not as negative or destructive but as a much needed orientation to life. Character and integrity are two things they place a very high value on. They may limit themselves to a few friends and can risk leading a lonely life. Although being alone is not necessarily a lonely experience for them.

Try and find a balance and stability with your emotions. Take care not to allow yourself an overly high-minded or high-handed attitude. Be a bit more forgiving and compromise a bit to find balance between your goals and those around you. Forgive yourself and others a bit more and be realistic in your expectations of yourself and others.

Sagittarius 2

Zodiac Position Central Concept Seasons Elements Qualities Ruling Planets Symbol Modes
+-10- 19 Sagittarius The Originator Late Fall Fire Mutable Jupiter The Archer Intuition

Often way out different than others and quit open about it, they are extremely difficult to categorize since each is so individual. Most often they established rules of conduct and social codes. This is normally simply for the reason that they rarely consider doing something in any way but their own and not to be seen as rebelliousness. They can fall in the trap of being incapable of being anything but themselves and can make things difficult for others without having an intention to do so. Sagittarius 2 can be very difficult to live or work with and tend to expect that others will understand their often intricate thought processes and highly unconventional behavior. They have an ability to make other people itchy as they are generally averse to compromise or a softening of their stance. Without compromise they can experience lots of conflict or even rejection in personal relationships and in their careers. All depending if they have the tenacity to hang in spite of difficulties. The key is to seek out mates and occupations that suit their unusual nature. They are not greatly interested in getting ahead and can simply give up on worldly goals even early in life, not caring about recognition. However, if earmarked for success by fate they are often propelled forward by events whether they like it or not. It could happen that a Sagittarian 2 who finally gives up achieve success just after giving up.

Get out a bit more and try not to be too different but follow some others examples a bit.
If you make a little effort, people will be able to understand you and let others into your o so private life a bit. Keep things fresh and Resist turning off to life.

Sagittarius 3

Zodiac Position Central Concept Seasons Elements Qualities Ruling Planets Symbol Modes
+-18- 27 Sagittarius The Titan Late Fall Fire Mutable Jupiter The Archer Intuition

Sagittarius 3 people tend to be high-minded, expansive personalities, thinking big and follow the large line. However they do not often neglect details. Many are craftsman or and technically proficient. They often put their abilities in the service of a higher cause. Often not of a large frame, yet able to convey a weighty presence that can be intimidating or reassuring and hard to ignore. Many born in this period think and do move mountains and need top be aware that they don't bulldozing their way through life. Though their force is hard to stand up to, there are stronger signs that will give great resistance to them and stop them dead in their tracts. This can unsettle them a bit. Not overly verbal individuals, but rather preferring to let their deeds speak for themselves. They are better able to express themselves through writing than speech. Controlling their tempers should be high on their list for when they fly into a rage, their wrath can indeed be frightening. They can however also fall into silence and bottle emotions up. They can manifest a curious lack of self-confidence and generally only respect or take seriously arguments which come from a position of strength. Sometimes taking a hard line with them is what is needed. Not ones for seeking to court favors through devious or underhanded means, their form of persuasion are highly direct. Learning to be a bit more diplomatic can often help them go around rather than through obstacles.

Do not forget the little things in life that can give enjoyment. Simple pleasures of life are worth some time. Try to be more understanding of others and their needs. Concentrate more of your energies on personal growth. Try and blend in a bit more and avoid ruffling feathers so much.


Sagittarius-Capricorn cusp

Zodiac Position Central Concept Seasons Elements Qualities Ruling Planets Symbol Modes
+-26 Sagittarius - 4 Capricorn Prophecy Late Fall / Early Winter Fire / Earth Mutable / Cardinal Jupiter / Saturn The Archer / The Goat Intuition / Sensation

Often demonstrating a talent for sensing the future state of things and in shaping them, Very determined and often great initiators of projects, able to get things moving efficiently in a remarkably short space of time. Patience however is not something they are known for, especially to those who fail to appreciate or endorse their plans. Prepared to move ahead alone with full force if not cooperation is found. Their fiery, impulsive Sagittarians personality can clash with the slower and calculating earthiness of Capricorn. They are often deep, weighty individuals who recognize the power of silence. But need to be careful not to alienate their loved ones.

Be a bit less intensive. Understanding yourself better will allow you to be less at the mercy of your moods, and can improve social relationships. Do not close yourself off to much but allow your warm and loving side to full come out, keep your heart open.

Attractions: To all other cusps but more so to Taurus-Gemini (May 19-24) and Leo-Virgo (August 19_25)


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Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces