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Element Quality Planet Symbol Mode Motto Stones Colors Body Areas
Water Cardinal Moon The Crab Feeling I Feel Moonstone, Pearl, Peridot Pale colors, Cream white Breasts, diaphragm, stomach, skin
Gemini-Cancer Cusp Cancer 1 Cancer 2 Cancer 3 Cancer-Leo Cusp
June 19 - 24 June 25 - July 2 July 3 - 10 July 11- 18 July 19 - 25

Planet: The Goddess Planet.

Key words:

Changeable, protective, loving, shrewd, caring

Origin of Cancer:

It is said that cancers origin is from a crab that nipped the foot of mighty Hercules while he was fighting a snake in the marshes. Hercules being enraged crushed the crab under his foot. Hera picked the crab up and placed it amongst the stars.

Cancer at a glance:

As the 4th zodiac sign, Cancer represent deep feelings, protectiveness and the home. Being rules by the moon, many cancers have moon or round shaped faces. It is the first water sign. They have highly personal emotions, and dreams are a big part of their world. Although being protective and knowing how to wait, they can be very aggressive in getting what they want. They do have a tendency to change their minds as they please. They however expect others to understand their needs and moods rather than demand. Do not cross them on a full moon, they seem to be short tempered at this time of the month. This can cause trouble when others do not understand their deep emotions. They for deep bonds with others based on feelings rather than logic or reason. They normally are very emotional and tend to carry their harts on their shoulders. However, they do not loose and argument easily. Being very emotional, trust and friendship it vital to them. They have a knack for words and can shock and hurt you if it pleases them, especially in and argument. If they cannot form a bond due to trust and mutual understanding with another person it could be hard for them to work with that person and less form a relationship. They are very unpredictable and changeable. You might think the friendship over after a big fight, just to be invited over for dinner. They however know what sets them apart form other people, and they may express themselves in their home or office. Especially personal areas like the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. They regard the sharing of expression such as sleeping, sexual expression and eating as very private. These activities however must be regular and satisfying in order to offer the amount of psychological support that they need. Without these they could grow nervous and irritable. They love having a quiet evening with friends. They love more to express and release feelings than to appreciate, and do not bottle up their feelings but will rather let you know when they are unhappy

Cancer Energy: Yang

The good: Loving, caring and wants to take care of the world.

The Bad: Loves to be the centre of attention. It's all about me and what I have done.

Gemini-Cancer Cusp

Zodiac Position Central Concept Seasons Elements Qualities Ruling Planets Symbol Modes
+-27 Gemini - 4 Cancer Magic Late Spring / Early summer Air / Water Mutable / Cardinal Mercury / Moon The Twins / Crab Thought / Feeling

They tend to come off as thoughtful and profound people with an energy coming from deep within. They are very inspirational people and very devoted. They can devote themselves to a loved one or cause
and will then use their talents to inspire and empower those they have devoted themselves to. They often put themselves into the service of a higher power and tend not to have big egos that need to be out there for all to see.
They however can lack intuitive impulses and are more on thought and feelings. They can find inspiration in the most ordinary moments and things in everyday life. They lives take on meaning when they are loved and in love. They need a partner to devote themselves to that
will not take advantage of them.

You need to sometimes be a bit tougher on yourself. Stay focused on the goals you have set and use you magic to inspire with care, less you run out of steam. Take care not to loose yourself in ecstatic experiences and also guard against destructive emotions that could control you.

Attractions: Other cusps but more so to Aquarius-Pisces (February 16 - 22) and Scorpio-Sagittarius (November 19 - 24)

Cancer 1

Zodiac Position Central Concept Seasons Elements Qualities Ruling Planets Symbol Modes
+-3 - 11 Cancer Empathy Early Summer Water Cardinal Moon The Crab Feeling

Cancer 1 people are very cleaver in getting their way. They understand the needs and motivations of others and use that to their advantage. They have the ability to make their dreams come true and are normally very good at handling money.
They understand money and treat it as water, knowing that to stagnate both and not to allow it to flow creates problems. They tend to be good salespersons as they understand human psychology very well. They can easily convince a customer that the products is right for them and the best to purchase.
This can go however into a negative where they sell just for the sake of selling and people can have the feeling later of being conned or ripped off or being sold something they really do not need or could afford. Cancer 1 people's home is very important to them and they
tend to spend a great deal of time and effort in making it right just for them, to the point of perfection sometimes. This could become and obsession in having the best and biggest home. But in essence they
just want to feel secure and protected and feel the more personal energy they put in their home the better. Just do not take it too far. Life in your home not for your home. They tend to be defensive-minded people and could show some aggressive traits if hey feel cornered.

Try not to armor yourself to much or crawl too far into your shell. Be careful of selling for the sake of selling or just because you can. People by dislike you later if it was not really in their best interest.

Cancer 2

Zodiac Position Central Concept Seasons Elements Qualities Ruling Planets Symbol Modes
+-10 - 19 Cancer Being unconventional Early Summer Water Cardinal Moon The Crab Feeling

Cancer 2 people tent to be unusual people and often turn out to be very different than the image they represent.
What however is weird and strange to you is just normal to them. They are very in touch with their unconscious mind and tend to be very observing and discussing human behavior's
They love to use humor as a means of expression. They are often very insightful and full of fantasies and unusual ideas. Being met with skeptic reception and comment, they may then decide to hold their fantasy to themselves and it could lead them not to want to attract attention to them, having them crawl into their shell.
They have an ability thought o touch people on a different level than others and can create deep bonds with friends. They however sometimes take lack of appreciation for their deep thoughts as personal rejection.

Get out a little more, try not to be too sensitive and run back to your shell when you are hurt. Try and keep in contact with loved ones. Use and develop your fantasies and wild imagination for productive purposes.

Cancer 3

Zodiac Position Central Concept Seasons Elements Qualities Ruling Planets Symbol Modes
+-18 - 26 Cancer Persuasion Early Summer Water Cardinal Moon The Crab Feeling

Cancer 3 people know how to persuade and convince others in order to do their bidding and to get what they want. They can be powerful manipulators and often have a great drive and determination.
They do not easily fall blind to ambition. They love to invest more in themselves than in material things to show their status. They are good at debates but tend to prefer more subtle ways of persuasion.
They are very cunning and must guard against affecting and controlling other to much. It's very easy for them to control and smother others and have them do their bidding, this can cause resentment and distrust.
Cancer 3 uses peoples feeling to manipulate them and this can hurt a child and weaken their self worth. Even if you are convinced you are right and working for the higher good of others, realize that they still have free choice
and that they need to learn by doing things and thinking for themselves. If used right, they can represent a group or cause to very effective results. Light seduction and manipulation can be attractive for partners, but guard against overdoing it.
They are very good to plan ahead and plant ideas subtly in people's minds only to later have the people act on those plans and think it was their own. The cancer 3 will then just ride along letting the other think it was their original intention to do the action.

Let others do things for themselves a bit and think for themselves. You do not always know what's right for others and even if you do, forcing your will and ideas on others hampers their learning at best
and could result in resentment. Let others express themselves freely; they have a life to and need room as well. People know you intend good so you do not always need to justify your actions, just know when to stop.

Cancer-Leo Cusp

Zodiac Position Central Concept Seasons Elements Qualities Ruling Planets Symbol Modes
+-26 Cancer - 3 Leo Oscillation Mid-summer Water / Fire Cardinal / Fixed Moon / Sun The Crab / Lion Feeling / Intuition

Mood swings galore, this cusp tend to have very volatile personalities and can swing from the fire Leo to the controlling or hiding cancer. They can swing fast in thought and emotion and have the ability to control with the passion of a Leo. However they can come off as shy only to change in front of your eyes to dynamic and active.
They are very assertive and sensitive if they want to be. They need to find more stability in their emotions, actions and moods. They are normally very energetic and exciting to be around and have an ability to overcome challenges. They may tend to focus their energy on mastery of the body and control of its movements
with strength or grace as central theme. They can master physical disciplines easily.

Try and find stability in your activities and moods without loosing your spontaneity while building a calm centre. Let confidence remain at the heart of who you are. Be a little more in the moment and not the past or future. Slow down a bit and pace yourself for the long run.

Attraction: Mostly Libra-Scorpio cusp (October 19 - 25) and Capricorn-Aquarius cusp (January 17 - 22)

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