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Why do Ineed to register to buy books on this website?
You need to register because it allows you to download books instantly, and at a time convenient for you. Registration also allows us to personally support you, in case you have any issues with your purchases.


Why not send the books by email?

With many of the books being larger than 20Mb, and some over 140Mb, the files are too large to email, in addition that you do not need to wait for an email that may have been blocked by a server.


Why not send a download link by email?

Sending download links have problems, in that emails can get blocked, or delayed. In addition, you do not need to search for a link for a book you bought a time ago when you want to re download the book. You may also want to download the book onto a device that does not have email set up, or have a different email setup. For instance, you may want to use your work email for communication, and download the books onto your home computer. Alternatively, you may want to download the books onto a device that you do not receive email on.

With the ability to download directly from the website, it gives an easy means for you to get all your purchases should you have lost your device or your computer crashed, and you lost all your emails.


What information is needed to create an account?

Only a valid email address, your name, and a password are needed. In the user update page you can later add your country and address.

Note, the surname (last name / family name), and additional details such as address, is needed when you purchase books. Books that are free do not require your address. Having your address in the database, saves you from needing to enter it at the point of payment. If you do not want your address stored in the database, it is fine. You will however need to enter it each time you pay for books.


What benifit are there in signing up and buying from this website?

Books are in Mobi (Kindle), Epub (Apple and other devices), and PDF (almost all devices), format. Having access to differnt formats, frees you to read the book on the device you want to.

Subscribes gets notified when I release a new book, with the price either being $0.99c, or sometimes for free, for a limit time. These are the only emails i send out, you can opt out in the user update page at any point.


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