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Siem Reap Cambodia
Gateway City to Angkor Wat Temple.

Siem Reap City is a city of contrast. Part of it still have the quiet small town feel, while part of it is starting to show the hussle of a fast developing major tourist City. Located a few km from the famous Angkor Archaelogical Park, the city is surrounded by rice fields, the Siem Reap River, and Tonle Sap Lake.

As the gateway to Angkor Wat, the city has changed to cater for almost all tastes. From bargain seeking backpackers with $3 a night accomodation and 50c a draft beer, to equasite hotels in the $500 a night range that come with your own private car and driver to take you anywhere you want to go, 24/7.

Local roadside Khmer restuarnts and shops stand shoulder to shoulder with luxery restuarnts and upmarket boutiques.

Siem Reap can be reached via water boats, bus or taxi, and Siem Reap international airport.

The city turns around tourism, and booking tours, renewing visas, getting a bus to another country such as Vietnam or Thailand, is as easy as saying yes to the many tour operators that call for your business. With over 50 temples nearby, the Kulen waterfall and Kbal Spean in the mountian, plenty of rice fields and local villages, as well as floating lake villiages to see, you will be busy for days.

The Royal Angkor International Hospital

National Route #6 (Airport Road)
Phum Kasekam
Khum Sra Ngea
Siem Reap (Angkor)
Tel: (+855) 63 761 888 / (+855) 12 235 888 / (+855) 63 399 111
Have 24 hour emergency and non-emergency ambulance services throughout the region.

Angkor Hospital for Children

(Expect a long wait.)
Tep Vong (Achamean) Road & Oum Chhay Street
Svay Dangkum
Siem Reap
Tel: (+855) 63 963409
Fax: (+855) 63 760452
Postal address:
P.O. Box 50, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Visitor Center opening hours:
Mon–Fri: 8am–12pm & 2pm– 5:30pm
Sat: 8am – 12pm

Naga Clinic

660 Hup Guan Street (behind Central Market/ Old Market)
Siem Reap
Tel: (+855) 92 793 180 / (+855) 63 761 295 / (+855) 12 363 601


No. 545, National Road 6A, Siem Reap
Tel (+855)63 76 76 18 / (+855)99 395 682


Road to Airport
Kork Dong Village
Sangkat Teuk Vil
Pouk District
Siem Reap
Mobile Phone (+855) 12 630 863

Tourist Police

A police station is located opposite the main entrance/admission station to the Angkor Archaeological Park.
Tel: (+855) 12-402424 / (+855) 12-969991 / (+855) 12-838768


The Royal Angkor International Hospital
Tel: (+855) 63 761 888 / (+855) 12 235 888 / (+855) 63 399 111

Free Tips For Visiting Cambodia
Tips For Visting Cambodia

Get 5 Facts You Should Know When Visiting Cambodia + 5 International Travel Tips:
Preparing for a vacation is exciting and can be a rush. Often, little things can make a big difference to having a successful trip. You can wing it and end up like me being stranded with no bus just after the Laos border and 800 km to your next stop, wake up covered in bed bugs, be ripped off with donation scams, or you can sidestep these experiences by following the advice from people that learned the hard way. Here are five important tips taken from my Cambodia 50 facts book to keep in mind for your Cambodia adventure. Plus, get 5 International Travel Tips from my book: 100 International Travel Tips.

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Free Tips For Visting Cambodia

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